Remi 210316 - 1

Dog ID:  210316    Sex:  Male    Age:  7 Year old

Hey there, I’m Remi! I’m a four-year-old Golden and I weigh 75 pounds. The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m not good with small children or small dogs. If you have those living with you or visiting you or living close by you, then I’m not the dog for you. But if you have teenagers or dogs my size, then hey, let’s talk! I’m soooooo loving. In fact, I can’t get enough of people, they’re the best! I like to be the center of attention, can you blame me, who doesn’t? I’ve never been around cats, but since I don’t like small dogs, it’s probably best if I don’t live with cats. I love my crate! It’s my happy place. I go in my crate even when I don’t have to, just to hang out. I know how to sit and to stay and I walk really good on a leash. Confession:  I’m a counter surfer. Lately, my foster family has been using a spray bottle to help me break this habit.  Hint, hint:  don’t leave food on the counter! I love riding in the car, but my people say I like to climb into the front seat to help them with driving the car, so it’s best to put a harness & seatbelt on me when we go for a ride. Oh and I love tennis balls! I may bring the ball back to you, but it’s doubtful I’ll give it up, it’s much more fun to play tug with it – hahahaha! All in all, I’m a really sweet boy and I’d love to meet you!