Piper – Adopted!

Dog ID:  220855    Sex:  Female    Age:  1 Year old

Hey there, my name is Piper! I’m 1 to 2 years old and TGRR thinks I might be a Great Pyrenees/Golden Mix. I think I’m beautiful!  TGRR got me from a shelter, I used to be what they call a “stray” and I was quite rowdy. Because of that, they sent me to a trainer. But guess what, I did SO good at the trainer’s that I got to go to a foster home already! Now, I know some commands and I have better manners.

I like to encourage my furry friends to play with me, and I really REALLY like to get attention from the humans. I like to nap during the day while my foster mom works here at home, but then I get SUPER excited for all things FUN like going for walks, food, playing! So much so that you might have to say “Pipe down Piper.”

Foster mom told me to tell you that I’m good in a crate, I’m housebroken, I know commands (although you might have to repeat them a couple of times), and when I try to encourage my furry friends to play, mom says I can be a bit “pushy.” I don’t know what she means by that but she says my adopter needs to be someone who has experience with dogs, that I would not be great as a first dog for someone. She also says I could be better on a leash, but I’m young so give me a break! Young children make me nervous, cats are fun, but they need to be “dog savvy” cats because I like to be pushy with them too.

Okay, enough of the boring stuff. just know I am a fun gal and I’m gorgeous. I have love to give and energy to burn! But I look forward to snuggling with you too. Sounds like a pretty good deal huh? I hope to meet you soon future forever family! 😍