Paisley 200315

Dog ID:  200315    Sex:  Female    Age:  6 Month old

Paisley was adopted by one of our star volunteers, Helen Williams. Let’s hear how Paisley is settling in….

“HI HI!! Paisley here reporting in from my forrreevvverrrrr home! Get this, my name used to be Sophie, but my fam had to change it because my human sister’s name is Sophie- you can imagine how confusing that could get! This family is the BEST, they tell me that they knew right away that I was the missing puzzle piece to their big puzzle. I mean, this is a big family! You ready? Okay, so it’s me, and then there’s my fur-brother Copper (the golden), and my fur-brother Marley (the not golden), I have FOUR kitty siblings who’s names I can’t get straight, and then there’s my human sister, my human brother, and my human pawrents! And if that isn’t great enough, my family is a foster family with TGRR, which means I’ll get to meet many more fur-friends in my lifetime!

As you can guess, there’s never a dull moment. I love to wrestle with my fur-siblings, and I LOVE to go swimming! We take daily trips to the neighborhood pond, how fun! We’re basically on the go-go-go, but Sunday’s are time to slow it down, which mom is thankful for because on those days, we sleep in and snuggle together!

Oh and one more thing, I was pup-dopted during this ‘quarantine’ as you humans have been calling it, so not only have I had my family around to play ALL. THE. TIME. but I’ve also gotten to participate in school using ‘zoom’, where I’m the star of the show. What a life I tell ya. What. A. Life.”

Welcome home Paisley!