Murphy 240647 - 6

Dog ID:  240647    Sex:  Male    Age:  18 Month old

Check me out and my killer smile! Hi, I’m Murphy and I’m happy to meet you. I’m a happy guy all around, thus the smile. I’m 1 1/2 years-old and weigh 66 pounds and I’m ready to play if you feel like it. Rather a nap or a cuddle, I’m up for that too!

Not only am I housebroken, but I knock at the door to let you know when I need to go out. I’m learning how to go in a crate but it’s a work in progress. My foster Dad feeds me in my crate and I keep my back feet out so I’m not totally in. And the reason he feeds me in the crate is because I’m not good at sharing with other dogs. Foster Dad says it’s called resource guarding and I just call it “that’s mine!” I don’t growl or anything but I do show my teeth to let everyone know the food belongs to me (or the toy or sometimes, the person). I can live with other dogs but it might be fabulous to have a family and house to myself so none of us have to stress over my “resource guarding.”

I ignore the cats in the house and I even ignore the silly parrot! I love kids and I don’t jump, which is saying something for a young dog my age. I’m not really wild about going for a car ride but once I’m in, I lay down and settle in ’til we get there.

So, have me and my smile won you over? I hope so, cause I can’t wait to meet you!!!