Mattie 11 y/o female

Dog ID:  190107    Sex:  Female    Age:  11 Year old

“Hey TGRR, Mattie here reporting in from my forever home. Let me tell you, I waited my fair share of time within TGRR’s care, but it was all worth it! I can’t believe I get to spend my ‘golden years’ here. My family is perfect. Why you ask? Because we are all seniors! I’ve got a 14 year old sister named Kasey, she’s a Keeshond. And then there’s my Cynder, who will be 10 next week, the same week I will turn 12! All of us have very different personalities, but our “common thread” is the love and devotion we have for our little family. We all love the “granddaughters” that come around to play. My favorite thing this time of year is to rake the Christmas tree skirt into yet another comfy little nest for myself. It’s a great place to snooze when I’m tired. Mom says that after the holidays I’m going to get to experience the beach for the first time and she says that it is equally relaxing and beautiful. What a perfect place for us seniors. Thank you TGRR for holding out the perfect forever mom for me, I couldn’t be more grateful.”


And because this melted our hearts, we have to share what Mattie’s mom said about her: “Thanks again TGRR, for allowing me to bring this little treasure into my home! And for those who passed Mattie by at adoption events, well….sorry folks, this jewel is all MINE! Senior dogs are just the BEST!”