CeCe 230420 - 5

Dog ID:  230420    Sex:  Female    Age:  6 Month old

Heyyyyy😁  I’m CeCe! Yes, that cute little puppy you’re looking at is ME! I’m a 6-month-old Golden/Lab mix and I am your typical cutie patootie puppy!

I lovvvve to play with the other dogs at my foster home and I like the cats here too! I’ll play and play and play, but when I get tired, I like to snuggle and rest with you. Do you like to snuggle and rest? So…, I haven’t interacted with kids yet but as long as they understand that I’m a little puppy I think we’ll be okay together! I mean wouldn’t that be cool… a little puppy and a kid hanging out together, awww can’t you picture us running in the yard now?! Since I’m little, I’m still learning, so the whole leash thing is a work in progress, but I do know Sit, Come and Off. YAY me! Just remember that I’m little and you’re big, so it’ll take me a few moments to warm up to you, but I promise I will come around.😍

Hmm what else do you need to know? TGRR just learned that I have a chronic medical condition which means I’m gonna need a very special adopter who doesn’t mind the extra vet visits I need. Are you that very special person?❤️