CeCe 230420 - 16

Dog ID:  230420    Sex:  Female    Age:  1 Year old

What does a dog with only one kidney look like? ME! Can you tell? Neither can I! I’m just your ordinary playful puppy who happens to have just one kidney. I go to the vet more often than most other pups and they say my time here on this planet may be shorter than most, but I’m all about squeezing the fun out of life while I’m here!

I lovvvve to play with the other dogs at my foster home and I like the cats here too! I’ll play and play and play, but when I get tired, I like to snuggle and rest with you. Do you like to snuggle and rest? So…, I’ve met the 10-year-old boy next door and we have fun together, so I think I’m good with kids as long as they’re a little older. I mean wouldn’t that be cool… a puppy and a kid hanging out together, awww can’t you picture us running in the yard now?! Since I’m little, I’m still learning, so the whole leash thing is a work in progress, but I do know Sit, Come and Off. YAY me! Just remember that I’m little and you’re big, so it’ll take me a few moments to warm up to you, but I promise I will come around.😍

Are you that very special person who want to adopt special me?❤️