Brownie 220532 - 4

Dog ID:  220532    Sex:  Male    Age:  10 Year old

4/19/2023: he’s going down hill again, so removing him from the website.


Hey friend, my name is Brownie. I’m a 65 lb. gentle, sweet, and mature Golden Retriever mix. Mature as in 10-years young. Currently, I’m with some cool foster parents, who say I am a “Good Ole Boy.” Aw shucks, how sweet. I’m thankful for TGRR, because I was a little lost when my owner died. Well, I guess being ‘hard of hearing’ can also make me feel a little lost at times too. But I’m smart, I still got this!

I am a calm boy, so you can trust me around the house. I’m happy to just be in good company…. with humans, other dogs, mature kids, etc. I’m just chill enough that I’ll just hang out with ya, I won’t really play, I’m a mature dog, remember? Because I’m so chill, I do very good on a leash for a brief stroll, but please don’t make me go up a bunch of steps or walk on bare wood or tile floors. So yeah, let me say, I’m a “Good Ole Boy” who loves to have his ears scratched and will be a good, good companion for ya. 😁