Finley – Adopted!


Dog ID:  191050    Sex:  Female    Age:  8 Month old

Ohh, hey there 🙂 My name is Finley and I love people. I’m an 8-month-old Golden Mix and I love people. Oops, I said that already didn’t I? It’s true, I do! I love the big humans the most, the ones who like to cuddle with me, play with me, feed me, teach me tricks, do adventures with me, and give me BELLY RUBS. But back off buster, I don’t like sharing my humans with other dogs or cats, or the small crazy human children, so I’ve been told that’s a problem? But hey, who can blame me, if no other dogs are around then that means I get treated like the true princess I am! In case you forgot, I’m 8 months old, so I still have that playful puppy energy! In fact, Foster Mom tells me I’m the perfect combination of sweetness and playfulness, awh shucks, she makes me blush when she says that 🙂 Anyway, Foster Mom just told me she has a peanut butter filled Kong waiting for me, but before I go, I want to make sure you know how awesome I am!  My final thoughts:  I’m house-trained, I know some commands, I have a natural curiosity, I love burning my puppy energy doing zoomies in a big fenced yard, and I am cah-utttteee as a button at only 35 lbs. Okay, BYE NOW!