Teri – Adopted!

Teri #220317 - 3

Dog ID:  220317    Sex:  Female    Age:  10 Year old

You know how sometimes life throws something in your face when you least expect it and it’s like, “Hey, hello! There you are, I’ve been looking for you.” Well, that’s kind of what life is doing to you right now….  And I’m the “what” you’ve been looking for!🙂 Yes, that’s right, I am not a Golden, like not at all. And here you are, on a Golden Retriever Rescue website looking for the perfect addition to your family. And what do ya know?! Your perfect addition isn’t actually Golden after all, it’s me, the terrier mix, with a heart of gold. I ended up in TGRR by chance, so here’s YOUR chance to add a bouncy, cute, 41 pound, 10-year-old to your family. My foster mom says I have the energy of a much younger dog and would be a great walking partner. Do you like walks? I do! Foster mom also says I am a nearly perfect lady! I’d do just fine in your home if you have other mellow dogs (or no dogs), and older children are OK. But please, NO cats (there’s the ALMOST perfect part🙂)!

So how about it? Is life smacking you in the face right now telling you that little old me, the cute one with the face that belongs in movies, that I’m quite possibly what you’ve been looking for all along?!