Max & Smoky – Adopted!

Max 230740 - Smoky 230741 - 5

Dog ID:  230740    Sex:  Male    Age:  2 Year old

Hey there kind human! We are Max and Smoky and no, there’s not a glitch in our website, we are writing to you together, because here’s the deal:  we started together, we finish together. We have been really loved in our lifetime too, it is sad that we had to leave our family, but we know that TGRR works magic with finding forever humans for dogs, so we are really excited about that! We have been told that we may be the most well-behaved and well-trained dogs to ever grace the fosters of TGRR, aw shucks! 😁

Real quick, you might want to know WHAT we are (because we certainly aren’t full bred Goldens!) Max (hey, it’s me the copper-colored one!) is a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix weighing 115 lbs. Smoky (hi, that would be me, the black one) is a Lab mix weighing 70 lbs. We are both 2 years old.

Okay, back to the fun stuff….  we do very well on leashes, and we’re even off-leash trained for hiking adventures and such! We are great with other dogs, but of course we love each other the most. If you can think of an obedience command, there’s a real good chance we know it! We are quite smart! Max drools, Smoky likes to give kisses, and we are both crate-trained. We are good around children and would likely be fine around cats, I mean, we’ve been fine around chickens! Haha!

Our foster mom absolutely adores us and wishes she could keep us, butttt she usually has a house full of dogs because she runs a pet-sitting service (which pssst, she’d love to pet sit for us in the future again, wink wink).

Goodness, we’ve been talking for a while now. Got any questions?!