Jax – Adopted!

Jax - #211156 - 3

Dog ID:  211156    Sex:  Male    Age:  10 Month old

Hi there – I’m Jax, I’m almost 10 months old and I weigh 104 lbs.! And no, I’m not a Golden Retriever, at least I’m not just a Golden Retriever. I am a “Goldador.” My breeder did this on purpose – I’m half Golden Retriever and half Labrador Retriever – I am the best of both breeds!

Until recently, I had a nice home, but one of my older housemates decided he didn’t like me and he kept attacking me. So here I am, a BIG puppy, in need of a furever home.

I am a bit shy at first with new people and new dogs. But the more my foster parents take baby steps to introduce me to the world out there, the better I’m getting at not being nervous in new situations.

Once we’re acquainted, it’s play time! I love to play all sorts of games with dogs, older kids and grown-ups. I’ll wrestle, play fetch, go for rides in the car, walk on a leash (not pulling is a work in progress) and follow commands like Sit, Lie Down, Shake. Heck, I even ring a bell when I need to go outside and potty! My foster parents say I’ve been known to sing like a hound – silly, huh? I love toys – I can shred almost a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g in seconds – toys, socks, your shoes! Remember….., I’m a puppy! On the plus side, I’ll stay quietly in my crate while you run a few errands, which is a good thing since I might decide to eat the sofa if I weren’t safely relaxing in my crate while you’re away. I even like to cuddle at the end of the day.

I’ve been known to play rough with my canine foster brother at times. I’d love to have a canine sibling in my furever home, they just need to be young and ready for what a wildman I am during play. As do all puppies, I need training – did someone mention counter surfing??? I just need a new home with strong people who are committed to training me and hopefully they have a big playful dog or two. Who knows – maybe you can teach me to fetch your morning newspaper?! How about it – are you the one?