Benson 240113 - 1

Dog ID:  240113    Sex:  Male    Age:  7 Year old

Cool, calm and and collected – that’s me. Nice to meet you, I’m Benson. I am approximately seven years old and I weigh 77 pounds. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance dog, I’m your man. Give me a chew toy and a cool spot on the floor to nap and that’s just about all I need.

I’m an international man of mystery. I was found in a Bojangles parking lot so you’ll never know what I’ve lived through and I have no way to tell you. I was a hot mess when a good samaritan (who’s now my foster dad) found me.  I had a bad case of heartworms, I was covered in critters, and had horribly matted fur. Those first few weeks, I was on the grumpy side – can you blame me? I did not feel well!

TGRR treated those nasty heartworms, but along the way the cool doctors at the vet’s office found out I have a less than ideal ticker (enlarged and with a murmur). I feel better though and that’s what counts. I might need meds going forward and that’s something you need to know if you’re cool enough to want to add me to your family.

And what about you? I’ll need you to be cool like I am and not clingy. I can handle it if you have another dog but I’d prefer to be your only as I’m just not that into them. Give me a human any day to share my space. I don’t jump when I meet new folks – that would be so uncool – and I like humans of all ages but don’t expect me to get all mushy about it. Cats? That’s your call – I won’t hurt them but I have been known to sneak up and stalk them.

I’ll tolerate a crate if you feel the need, but I can be trusted not to mess with anything in the house when you leave me alone. I have a remarkable bladder (of course I do) and can hold it for a long time. I’d prefer not to interrupt my napping and toy chewing to go outside.

I’m also cool with loud noises – storms and fireworks and the like don’t rattle me. I suppose if I had to identify anything I’m afraid of, it’s ending up back on the streets again. So, I would definitely appreciate a permanent home if you’re looking for a cool and calm, non-clingy dog, I’m the logical choice. Hope we meet soon.