Ava – Adopted!

Ava 230856 - 8

Dog ID:  230856    Sex:  Female    Age:  9 Year old

As you can see, I am not a Golden Retriever, but aren’t I beautiful? You should have seen me a few months ago! I was half starved, my skin and fur were a mess, and I was close to death! I had been living on the streets on my own for a LONG time until my TGRR found me. Now I’m living the life!

The TGRR vet thinks I’m around 9-years-old, I now weigh a healthy 65 pounds, and I’m all about relaxing. If you love on me and pet me, I’m happy. Very little bothers me – except for hyper dogs and I’m quick to let them know to get out of my face. I’m also not wild about dogs being near my food. Other than that, I can pretty much co-exist with anyone – kids, cats, chickens, you name it. In fact, I am so chill, you’ll need to remind me it’s ‘potty time,’ because if you leave it up to me, I’d hang with you by the sofa all day long. When we do go outside, I am great on leash!

I’ve got a couple of broken parts, but what senior doesn’t? My hips aren’t great so I need meds to help my back end work better.

When they say somebody needs a soft place to land to spend their golden years, that’s me (even though I’m not a Golden). I’m hoping that place is with you! ❤️